2018-2019  Work Incentive Payment

Beginning with the Fall 2012 scholarship awards, Tobacco Region Scholarship award recipients from both Southwest (SW) and Southside (SS) Virginia may be eligible to receive a Work Incentive Payment of $2,000 for each academic year in which the award recipient received a Tobacco Region Scholarship award.  The lifetime maximum for each award recipient is $8,000 and is irrevocably tied to the monies received from the Tobacco Region Scholarship Program beginning with Fall 2012, while attending a 4-year college or university.  In order to qualify for a Work Incentive Payment, an award recipient must complete the following:

  • A Bachelor's degree (associate's degree not eligible), and
  • One year of full-time employment in the tobacco region (the 41 localities represented on the map on the home page), for each year that the scholarship was received, and
  • Documentation as outlined in the commitment letter sent to the applicant after an award is made.

It will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to claim the Work Incentive Payment by submitting an online request and uploading the required documentation through the applicant portal on our website. The online request can be accessed by clicking LOGIN at the top of this page, logging into your account, and from the Applicant Activities menu choosing “Work Incentive Payment” where instructions will be provided. The scholarship recipient will have a period of 5 years from the date of the commitment letter (email) in which to claim this Work Incentive Payment.

NOTE: Southside students who received funds from the SOUTHSIDE LOAN Forgiveness Program during Fall 2002-Summer 2012 must satisfy the terms of the Promissory Note(s) signed before a Work Incentive Payment Request can be submitted.