2018-2019  Award Amounts

The Tobacco Region Scholarship Program was revised beginning with Fall 2012 semester, to provide scholarship assistance with tuition while attending college AND then after graduating with a bachelor's degree, provide an incentive for becoming employed in any of the 41 localities within the Tobacco Commission footprint.

Scholarship awards $100 per semester hour (SH) or $67 per quarter hour (QH) to  2017-2018 Virginia Community College students who have transferred a minimum of 60 credits credits to a 4-year college or university.
Scholarship awards $90 per semester hour (SH) or $60 per quarter hour (QH) to award recipients who were not enrolled at a Virginia Community College in  2017-2018.
Scholarship assistance is offered for a maximum of 120 SH or 180 QH MINUS the number of transferred hours. (Example: 120 SH – 66 transfer semester hours from VHCC  or PHCC = 54 semester hours eligible for scholarship assistance.)
Award recipient must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours per semester to be eligible for this award.