2018-2019  Scholarship Denial Reason Explanations

ALREADY FUNDED ONE DEGREE - The Tobacco Region Scholarship Program assists with one degree for each award recipient during his/her lifetime.

DID NOT COMPLETE APPLICATION PROCESS - An application was started but the applicant failed to complete the application and submit required documentation.

ENROLLED LESS THAN HALF-TIME - The Tobacco Region Scholarship Program requires applicants to be enrolled in 6 semester hours or more to be eligible for an award.

GPA/STANDING WITH THE COLLEGE - Applicant must maintain a cumulative GPA that keeps him/her eligible to graduate and in good standing with the college or university.  The GPA required to graduate in a specific major will define student eligibility.

GRADUATE DEGREES - The Tobacco Region Scholarship Program does not provide help with graduate degrees.

INCOMPLETE PAPERWORK - Applicant did not submit required Support Documents listed on the Tobacco Region Scholarship Program website by the required deadline.

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FOR ENTERING FRESHMEN - Due to the large number of applicants who are eligible for funding as college Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores, funds are not available to help college Freshmen with a degree during the current funding cycle. All applicants should apply every year.

LYNCHBURG CITY RESIDENT - Lynchburg city residents are not eligible for assistance from the Tobacco Region Scholarship Program.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HOURS APPLIED AND/OR PAID - The Tobacco Region Scholarship Program will help awarded students who are enrolled in a bachelor's program with tuition assistance towards only one major (a maximum of 120 semester credit hours or 180 quarter hours regardless of who paid for those hours). All Failed/Repeated, Withdrawn course hours are counted twice if paid by this program. Minors or second majors are the responsibility of the student.

NON-DEGREE SEEKING APPLICANT - Award recipients must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program rather than attending classes for personal development.

NOT A 4 YR COLLEGE - Students who plan on attending a community college are not eligible for this scholarship. Virginia Community Colleges within the footprint of the Virginia Tobacco Commission receive an allocation for scholarships from the Tobacco Commission. Applicants with this denial reason should contact the financial aid office at the community college where he/she is enrolled and request information regarding tobacco scholarships.

REFUSED - The applicant has received enough scholarships, grants, or other assistance with tuition only and chose to return the award from the Tobacco Region Scholarship Program.